We’re Clear to Vudu

Like I warned you it would be, APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER is now available for download on Vudu!

Did I lose you at ‘vudu?’ Yeah. I thought so. Here’s the scoop courtsey of CNET:

What makes Vudu cool? Like Apple TV and Roku, Vudu is a dedicated set-top box for playing Internet-delivered video content. But what sets it apart from these other players is that the video resolution is much better at a full 1080p HD resolution. It also offers surround sound. As for content, Vudu offers a selection of movies from all the major studios as well as TV shows. It also offers adult content. And for the budget-conscious viewers, it added a bargain channel to the service that offers a rotating list of 99 movies for just $0.99 a pop.

What makes it not so cool? For one, its video library pales in comparison to Netflix or Amazon, which offer 12,000 and 40,000 titles, respectively. What’s more, the best-quality HD content requires download queuing before viewing. It can’t stream media from other networked PCs, and it lacks Wi-Fi.

To counteract that ‘not so cool’ part of the review, please gaze upon and throughly enjoy this Vudu graphic I’ve been dreaming of since I heard the product’s name. Thank you Google Images Search for showing me this beauty and relieving me of making it myself on photoshop.

In other AIV news, our submission fee was waived for the Heartland Film Festival. I got the waiver because QUEEN screened at the fest, and last summer, I served as a juror for the fest’s short film competition (and saw some truly inspiring shorts). Alumni+Juror = they’ll look at my work for free. And I hope they like it because Heartland is one of my all-time favorite film festivals. They treat the filmmakers like rockstars, and the community embraces the festival as if it’s the Oscars.

Heartland’s mission is “to recognize and honor filmmakers whose work explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for positive values of life. Heartland values include hope, integrity, tolerance, beauty, reconciliation, courage, humility, faith and fidelity.” I think AIV definitely fits the bill with its heartfelt, intimate, honest story. Cross your fingers that their selection committee thinks so too…

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