I’m in Snowbird, Utah for the week! The annual trip began with an elusive ‘Bluebird’ day. Cobalt skies, bright sun, perfect skiing. Clear skies up here isn’t that common, so when it happens, it deserves a nickname. I’m loving spending time with my favorite ski partners – Kristen and Katie – and it’s a delight to have Mo join the squad. Tonight, as a squad, we watched BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE.

Considering this vacation is well-earned —- I turned in a big writing assignment on Friday —- you should probably consider me off-the-grid.  However, I am doing a bit of work here in the tranquil mountains… it doesn’t feel like work when you’ve skied all day. I think they call this perspective. So who knows, maybe I will blog about my doings. I am reading and giving feedback on a few scripts of talented AFI writer colleagues, a series of short stories a friend is hoping to publish, LOSERS re-working of the first act and a potential directing gig on a financed series of shorts written, directed and produced by women.

I’m also working on drinking wine, soaking in the hot tub,  and shredding this mountain to bits.

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