Vivian Maier

One of my favorite's of Vivian's photos

I’m adding this site to my usual sidebar of links that either inspire me, help me procrastinate, or are relevant to current or future projects.

Vivian Maier – Her Discovered Work is all three.

The blog is run by John Maloof, the man who unearthed Vivian’s work.  John posts selects from the collection of 100,000 medium format negatives that he acquired randomly (and serendipitously) from a furniture and antique auction.  Vivian photographed street life from the 1950s to 1990s. She died one day before John found her name on the negatives and Googled her.

Another Vivian photo that made me pause

The her photos are honest, intimate, artful and steeped in story. Her subjects are often people. Her interests seems to be capturing moments, looks, a glance into an unfolding yarn.  These are exactly the kinds of photos that I gravitate to for my own enjoyment — I adore Elliot Erwitt and Brassaï — and often, if the story is right, as references when designing the visual approach to a film. I’m thrilled to have an new photographer to watch, study and borrow from. Thank you John Maloof for publishing these photos, I will be visiting your site often.

I’m also sparking to the short but intriguing narrative that accompanies this site.  The distantly entangled stories of John and Vivian. It reminds me of the basis (but not much else) of the fluffy, slightly misguided, food porn JULIE & JULIA. In Nora Ephron’s JULIE AND JULIA, a blogger (Julie Powell) attempts every recipe in Julia’s Child’s cookbook. (read my review of it here) The two women never meet but they are tied to one another in a nebulous but affecting way.

Very cinematic, Vivian.

John and Vivian’s story could provide the skeleton for a bigger story, one in which I’d be most interested in Vivian’s thread. As of right now. Obviously, his would have to become interesting too. Considering her actual biography is unknown, my instinct is to only use the bullet points of this relationship and expand from there, tell the story that speaks to me/the writer. This approach would mean that a ‘true story’ title card would be false.  Though true story are quite intoxicating words when selling a movie/script. Would “based on a true story” fly with my principles and with the lawyers?

by Vivian Maier. My same sentiments about doing the dishes this morning.

The dirty dishes in my sink don’t give a congealed-guacamole crap about that question. I must clean the kitchen from THE BACHELOR finale party last night (check out our Bachelor Fantasy League’s Commissioner’s brilliant recap) and prepare for my 1pm meeting with producer Gabe. I wonder when I will announce what it is he and I are cooking up…

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