Fresh Site, Sale Price, Finale

Now that we are “post-Olympic” and AIV is ON SALE for $12.99, I updated the APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER website. I wish I could have revised it with news of Casey winning a medal rather than a sale price. I’m sure Casey wishes the same. Despite this wish, I am moving forward and am grateful for the tremendous experience and excellent film that came out of knowing, following and believing in Casey. I hope Casey’s doing the same.

Since the Games, Casey and I have only been able to text and email. However, I basically run his Facebook Fan Page, so I’m privy to the outpouring of love and support Casey’s fans have been sending him. He’s an inspiration to a lot of people. Hopefully, he’s checking their posts.

Besides that icy-cool sale price, the new AIV site now includes:

  • pictures of me, Seth and Mo (Music Supervisor) on our trip to Vancouver to cheer Casey on in his 5th Olympic Games
  • soundtrack information (band, song, website, picture cue)
  • an updated Casey bio
  • new photos and newspaper clippings from Casey’s youth and early ski career

I removed the calendar page because we’re not sure what’s next for AIV. We’re crossing our fingers on a couple great film fests this Spring and also waiting to hear from Casey about his plans for after this season.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sending in a blog post for SportsFanLive about APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER and our trip to the Games. They work with AOL Sports and have promised that their “module” with AOL will feature the my post. Maybe we’ll get some traffic and sales from the exposure!

Now I must prep for the finale of THE BACHELOR. As Vice Commissioner of Here For the Right Reasons: The Bachelor Fantasy League, I’m hosting a screening/finale party for all the LA league members. Everyone’s bringing a snack inspired by their favorite bachelorette. This idea, ordained by me, is particularly troublesome for me. I’m on a cleanse which means no glutens, refined sugar, red meat, booze or dairy in my snack. I want to think up something clever and funny for my contribution like my friend who is bringing shrimp cakes in honor of Tenley aka “The Little Mermaid: Ariel.”  Good one, huh?

My  brain is so fried from all the writing I’ve been doing on my latest project (haven’t announced it) that all I can think of is mini hot dogs inspired by Gia because she looks like a sad puppy. Pitiful idea. Even if I were to try and swing that snack with the league, I couldn’t even eat it because of the cleanse restrictions.


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