Vudu? You Do. Do What?

Despite Casey’s disappointing showing at the Olympics — which sounds harsh but I can’t think of any other way of describing it … more on this in a post later this week — there is good news for AIV:

APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER will be available on Vudu and Hulu soon.

I’m particularly excited about our inclusion on Vudu considering the online movie service was recently purchased by Wal-mart. The digital provider is being built into more and more TVs and Blu-ray players. Analysts are predicting that over 60 percent of HD televisions will connect to the Internet by 2013. From a NYT article about the acquisition:

Now, however, the idea of an Internet-ready home entertainment setup has a powerful new backer: Wal-Mart

Movie stores like Vudu’s also compete directly with the video-on-demand services of the cable companies, and generally have better selection, more high-definition content, friendlier menus and fuller descriptions of the programs.

More immediate, if Wal-Mart puts its marketing power behind the Vudu service, it could give a lift to sales of Internet-ready televisions and disc players, which generally cost a few hundred dollars more than devices without such capabilities…

Panasonic and Sony are the only major manufacturers that have not yet added the Vudu service to their devices. With Wal-Mart, one of their biggest retailers, taking it over, manufacturers will now have another reason to include Vudu.

It’s very cool that our is being added to Vudu’s library on the heels of Wal-mart’s purchase of the company.  I’m told AIV will probably become Vudu-available when they launch their sports collection with Teton Gravity and Video Action Sports. Stay tuned.

Likewise, when the film is available Hulu, I’ll make an announcement. I can’t wait to direct fans and friends to AIV on Hulu because it’s free, BUT we get a share of the commercial revenue. For inquiring minds, it’s about a penny per person per commercial. Who knows, we might make 10’s of dollars!


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One Response to “Vudu? You Do. Do What?”

  1. Dana Says:

    Congrats!! Tell me when and I’ll download it!

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