Reno (w)Rite

I’m at my parents’ new home in Reno for seven days of writing! This may be the best writing week ever because it includes:

  • Mom and Dad reminding me of how much they believe in me and how overjoyed they are to see me: encouragement.
  • a good and talented writer friend accompanied me so she could work on her own script: accountability.
  • great views and no social life: inspiration.
  • heavenly home-cooked meals, a stocked snack pantry, daily happy hours: sustenance.
  • Ouzo, my parents’ joyful, curly-haired dog, loving his new backyard and all the snow there is to roll in EVERY time he goes out: perspective.
  • Mt. Rose skiing 30 minutes away. Getting back to basics by bundling up and strapping wood onto my feet and sliding down a hill is the fastest way I’ve found to reset my brain after a day of writing: Zen.

February 19 is my personal deadline for this draft of the project — the day I leave for the Olympics.  Wish me luck.

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3 Responses to “Reno (w)Rite”

  1. Eric Says:

    Whoa! Look at Ouzo’s ‘fro! That is enormous, and I can see why it is having such a positive impact on your writer’s retreat 🙂

  2. Briel Says:

    Nice list! Gooooood luck!

  3. Blazing Nugget Says:

    Sounds like a blast. Good luck!

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