Thanks to a connection that Casey’s CAA agent made for us, earlier this week, I sent two DVDs of APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER to New York. Priority mail. To ESPN’s office. The packages should arrive today. Let’s hope the Espny Dudes watch it because it’s looking like the NBC Universal Sports Network avenue is a road to Nowheresville.  Actually, it’s not looking that way. The map says it is.

So, yes, them watching the movie in a happy pre-Superbowl, possibly beer-influenced mood is the intention because we can follow-up, we can pitch, we can talk, talk, talk but this movie needs somebody to champion it and it can’t always be me.

In other AIV news, I updated the website.  There are new archival photos and newspaper clippings from Casey’s life, a revised calendar of upcoming events, full cast/crew credits, and soundtrack information about the amazing music showcased in AIV!

Plus, the press is covering the Olympics more and more. The more exposure Casey gets the better for AIV… espeically if Casey can spin the movie into his soundbytes.  Recently, there’s been national newspaper coverage of Casey!  USA TODAY did a nice piece on Casey, Daron and Skier Cross. A bonus 2 min video of Casey (that’s not as good as any section in AIV) is attached to the online article.

Furthermore, THE BOSTON GLOBE ran a good article on Casey and Daron today. It included a stellar quote from Casey that I love.  That I wish we got him saying in AIV!  Here it is: “Put yourself in my shoes,” Puckett said. “I’ve been to four Olympics already and come home with no hardware. Now I’m at the top of my sport, and my sport’s going to the Olympics for the first time. I mean, what would you do?”

Opening ceremonies are 7 days away.

Casey races in 16 days.


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