Slippers That Save

My friend Dana had this dream about me on Tuesday night. She relayed it to me via email:

Last night I had a dream about you.  For your birthday I gave you slippers.  You were not very pleased with the gift.  Then we were on a plane going on vacation but the plane crashed in a canyon.  We survived as did some other people we didn’t know and we determined that in order to live we had to climb out of the canyon.  Somehow in the course of the crash you had lost your shoes.  I turned to you and said, “I bet you’re glad I gave you those slippers now, aren’t you?”

That girl always knows best. Even in her subconscious. I wonder if after I put on the slippers, I just clicked my heels three times and we were home?

Interesting Sidenote:  Dana and I have traveled together many times, so she knows my rule of never flying in heels. Long ago I decided that if I were in a plane crash, I would not want to be wearing heels. Even a chunky heel would be a great disservice when galloping down the aisle of a tumbling plane, dodging flames and shrapnel, hoping to make it to the lifeboat in time.  This is why I never wear a skirt either when I fly.


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