Gut Response to Best Picture Noms

The Academy announced its Oscar nominations this week. While reading the list of Best Picture nominees, the first words that came to mind for each film were:

Avatar – Blue.

The Blindside – Frosty highlights are power.

District 9 – Best screaming headache.

An Education – It’s a manic, pixie, dream girl. Get over it.

The Hurt Locker – Kathryn Bigelow.

Inglourious Basterds – Why is it spelled like that?

Precious – PRECIOUS!!! (‘Precious’ as said in a terrifying whisper-scream by Golem at the end of the trailer/commericials)

A Serious Man – Coen Brothers. Again.

Up – Cartoon.

Up in the Air – No normal woman would wear a tie around her waist like that.


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