Successful Screening

More people were there for the actual screening.

Last week I was super busy with some exciting news that I can’t quite yet announce… Because of these other matters, I didn’t get a chance to update you on the unquestionable SUCCESS of the Appointment in Vancouver screening on Tuesday night.

It was our first screening in LA and because it was on the West side and raining, I truly didn’t expect a turn out at the event hosted by Film Independent. I was wrong – never underestimate the power of free beer. The place was packed.

I hadn’t yet seen the film play before a big audience. We created it with TV in mind and, thus, never tested it for a crowd.  Wow. We should have when we were feeling frustrated because it turns out this might be the most “crowd-pleasing” film I’ve made so far.  To be totally honest, I haven’t seen a movie play AUDIBLY engage an audience in a crowded, festival-type setting in a LONG time. People were laughing, gasping, cringing, and yelling (in a good way).

My friend Nickels reported back that the guy next to her was so into the action that he was pointing at the screen, raising his arms in victory, and physically recoiling during the horrific crashes.

Another friend referred to a 7 minute sequence in which we chronicle the threebrutal crashes Casey survived in 2007 (which comprehensively caused his 5th knee surgery) as the “comedy sequence.”  People loved this section – awed into laughing with every sound byte and image exemplifying Casey’s insane dedication and almost comical tendency to crash with style. I always thought elements of the film were funny but this crowd was roaring.

On the opposite extreme, in the intense Grindelwald section, the room was absolutely silent. Gripped with fear of what the fate was of their new favorite Olympian.  By the credits, everyone in the room was a fan of Casey’s.

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2 Responses to “Successful Screening”

  1. Briel Says:

    Can’t wait to hear your secret exciting news! And I’m glad I was able to be at the screening. I really enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to seeing what happens next for Casey.

  2. Bon Says:

    This is a wonderful post. What a success indeed! Congratulations!

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