BFL Season Opener

Last night was the premiere of the 14th (seriously?) season of THE BACHELOR. I watched it with poised pen, ready remote, and a critical eye on the universally attractive buffet of Bachelorettes. Predicting the skanks. The cryers. The drunks. The winners.  I was deciding my draft picks for this season’s Bachelor Fantasy League (BFL).

This season the Commissioner and I (the Vice Commissioner) raised our League to whole new level of reality television mania: we’ve gone digital.  Our League’s gridiron is now publicly viewable and enjoyable at Here for the Right Reasons. We’ve also upgraded our points calibrating system for ease and accuracy thanks to my MIT-educated brother.

Our blog features the Commissioner’s weekly recaps/commentary and other goodies like BACHELOR news briefings, weekly leader board updates, Q&As with last season’s winner (my mom)and loser (Tracy B.), and useful links for BFL players.

Unfortunately, as of now, you still must be invited to play in the League, but please feel free to stop by and delight in the hilarious posts, thrilling game play, slick art (by me!), and seeing me skyrocket to the top of the Leader Boards!!!

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3 Responses to “BFL Season Opener”

  1. parenting BY dummies Says:

    Why didn’t I know about this fantastic fantasy league of fun? I need to be invited next time b/c I’m a huge fan of the Bachelor and blog about it every season. Thanks for sharing, off to enjoy it while I ignore my kids!

  2. Briel Says:

    I’m going to have to watch it online tonight or tomorrow and see if my original picks hold up! haha

  3. Chase Says:

    Oh the delicious layers of irony in the title “Here for the Right Reasons”. I love it!

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