Breaking Up for Christmas

I’ve put a breakups song in most the movies I’ve made. If there’s a way, I set those indie power pop ditties to picture!

  • “Treadmill” in QUEEN OF CACTUS COVE (I get comments from strangers about how much they love this song.  Trivia: I asked the breakups to remove “fucking” from the lyrics (QoCC wasn’t a ‘fucking’ kinda movie) and they did!)
  • “A Day in the Sun” in THE BREAKUP
  • too many to name in LILYDIDIT videos

Their frontman Jake is possibly the nicest bearded-man I’ve ever met, so it’s no surprise that he’s delivered a special holiday treat for all the breakups fans out there.  The gift of song!

I think this means there’s a holiday movie with my name on it in the future.

About this song in Jake’s words: “A brand new mix of our smash hit collaboration with the sweet hurt, “breaking up for christmas,” is available online for your listening pleasure.  Since MySpace is spending the end of the decade keeping Friendster company in the social networking grave yard in the sky and Facebook is so confusing you need to go to night school just to figure out how to post an event, we decided the best place to post the song would be on YouTube.  Why not?  Is there a video to go along with it?  You bet there’s not.  That’s what your brain is for!”


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One Response to “Breaking Up for Christmas”

  1. Bon Says:

    How sweet is that! 🙂

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