CP’s Italy Results

I snapped this pic of Casey and Franz at Birds of Prey in Dec.

Early this morning I texted with Casey’s girlfriend, Suzanne, who is in Italy with him at the World Cup.  After finishing third on the qualifying day, holding his ground in the next day of heats, today Casey was elminated in the first round of races.

The bummer:  Casey didn’t finish better.  He can do it, and he’s got more races to prove it, and, duh, everyone on the APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER team believes in him.  So this is a bummer but not a tragedy.  He’s still got plenty of opportunities to qualify to go win his Gold like Franz Klammer did in 1976.  (WC results determine the USSA’s SX team.)

The good news:  He finished better than any other American (18th), did not DNF, and his teammate/super-nice-ski-legend-who-appears-in-our-documentary, Daron Rahlves, held on to 21st.

Smooth Stan “The Beanstalk” Hayer, a favorite in the APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER editing room (after Casey and Daron, of course), finished 11th.  Stan is a Canadian, and his team is favored in the Olympics because of their talent and home turf advantage.  Thus, my editor, Cindy, and I may need to squash our edit room fondness for Stan if he continues to beat Casey.

Casey’s next race will be his first of 2010 —  January 5 in St. Johann, Austria.  This event takes place at night and attracts a huge crowd of 1000s.  In the meantime, team AIV is trying to align the stars and team with another Olympic medal contender’s X Game’s party to promote AIV and Casey.  Wish us luck, but then again, if you’re frugal with your luck-wishing, save it for Casey in St. Johann.

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