Holiday Message from Dave/Me/Santa

Recorded on the street after dinner at Gingergrass last week, my friend Dave did a weird Santa impression to deliver a heartfelt message to me and the guests of the annual cookie-making party I would attend later that week.  I know his Santa sounds like the goofy, claymation-style Mr. Claus, but I recorded it with Droid (my new phone) which makes me feel accomplished.

And it’s a nice message about friendship and getting Santa’s approval. I want to share the general idea of this greeting with you.

For more of David ‘Dave’ Anderson’s voice, check out the web series that he created and stars in: U.S. of Anderson. The series is charming, smart and fun without losing sight of story.  I want to see what happens next to Dave and Nikolai, Dave’s sidekick from Russia!

The series isn’t trying to shock or provoke like lots of web content. I appreciate the episodes (new every Monday) because of their cleverness, warmth and likable characters. Dave captures LA like his blog does — from the fresh, objective perspective of a observant transplant (he is a proud Minnesotan) but with appreciation and wonder. He’s unsoured by the bitterness and desperation prevalent in this town.

Plus, the opening stop motion is very fun even though it’s not actual stop motion; he told me their trick. Very  clever, Mr. Anderson!

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One Response to “Holiday Message from Dave/Me/Santa”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Nice. I can’t play the audio clip though!

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