X-Rated at the W Hotel

APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER going to X Games!  And so am I!  Thanks to Sprint‘s support of Casey and AIV, they will host a Casey Puckett appearance/AIV dvd signing from their tent in Aspen during the coolest winter sports competition of the year.*

This is exactly what I wanted to happen. I knew AIV had to be repped at X Games in some manner — the yearly event takes place in Casey’s hometown, is a mainline to Skier Cross fans and extreme sport aficionados, is responsible for introducing Skier Cross to the American public, and occurs a month before the Olympics (1/28-31/2010).

It’s a perfect match and perfectly timed to reach AIV’s target audience.

When Casey won his first X Games, they gave him a baby.

Plus, Casey will be there competing and available to promote AIV when he’s not trying to win his THIRD X Games SX gold medal!  An appetizer before Olympic gold?

I’m extra thrilled because it’ll be my first time seeing a Skier Cross race in person.  I’m already drafting my “Go Casey!” sign. I also called my brother to invite him along. He’s dying for an excuse to attend and, heck, he’s IN the movie.  He can do appearances too… and find us somewhere to stay for cheap b/c he knows everyone in Aspen.

The X Games event will happen just a week after the first Los Angeles screening of APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER.  Film Independent’s Cinema Lounge invited AIV to screen on Tuesday, January 19 at the W Hotel.  This is a great and affordable way for us to finally share AIV with our amazingly supportive LA friends who have been there since AIV was just ‘that ski movie.’  The screening will be free and the W has a gorgeous bar for all of us to celebrate at after the credits roll.

*More on X Games: The 14th annual winter action sports competition will feature nearly 300 men and women from across the globe competing for medals and prize money in skiing, snowboard and snowmobile events. The event includes day and evening competitions and is free to the public. This will be the eighth consecutive Winter X Games that Buttermilk Mountain at Aspen/Snowmass has hosted.

ESPN and ESPN2 will televise 24 ½ hours of LIVE high-definition programming Jan. 28-Jan 31. ESPN2 will present daily late-night highlight programs in HD from Jan. 28-Jan. 31, resulting in eight additional hours of HD programming for Winter X Games 14. Additionally, the Winter X Games will also be televised on ESPN’s International networks to 172 countries and territories in Latin America, the Pacific Rim, Middle East, Africa, Israel and Canada.


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2 Responses to “X-Rated at the W Hotel”

  1. sarah Says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the LA premier!

  2. Briel Says:

    Ditto what Sarah said!

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