Sprint Stole My Sleep and I Like It

Ouzo dreams of watching AIV clips of Casey on his cell phone.

I’m in Reno with my parents, Ouzo (their dog not the liquor though I bet we have some around), snow, mountains, quiet, and lots and lots of Christmas cookies.  The Carb Gulch known as my throat is in fine working order.

Arriving yesterday morning at 11am meant I was out the door at 7:30 for LAX which meant I was up at 6:30 to water plants, unplug everything, take out the trash, shutdown the thermostat – look at me! Such an adult! The 6:30AM alarm also meant I got 3 hours sleep.

I was up until 3:00AM for very exciting reasons:

Sprint is going to offer exclusive clips from APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER to their cell phone customers! As one of Casey’s loyal sponsors, Sprint wants to promote Casey and AIV. I finalized the deal with them at 9:45AM and all my plans for my last day in LA went on pause — Seth and I had to pick the perfect four clips and deliver ‘em before I flew the coop.

We picked seven candidates.  I roughed them out and exported them to Seth in Montrose.  We selected our favorite four:

  1. Casey’s double crash at Honda Ski Tour ’07; crashes are fun on phones.
  2. X Games gold medal win retold by Casey; snappy, clever, fun, momentum-building editing that we’ve never touched since the first time I cut the sequence!
  3. World Junior Cup flashback; inspiring story and beautiful footage.
  4. Skier Cross is…; a fast-paced montage explaining the sport and featuring commentary by Daron Rahlves, the most decorated downhill racer in U.S. history.

I worked with photoshop and our gorgeous art (thanks, Megan) to create distinct opening and closing bumpers for the cell phone clips.  I wanted the bumpers to provide context for the clips and encourage customers to visit our site.

New art always demands a million more questions than I anticipate:   What graphics will translate to a cell phone screen? Will that text be readable? How can the URL look less like a mumble of words? Can I get the animation we used for the NBC clips to work here?  Should we use a SFX too?  (yes, I laid down a ski swoosh). Do I need Casey’s image or can it be a simple white mountain?  If it’s just a white mountain, does it look like a pile of cocaine?  Where should the URL banner jut out from – Casey’s head? Too high.  Crotch? Too uncomfortable.

The questions were answered and the results are below:

Opening Card

End Bumper

The second reason I was up so late is that I was updating the APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER website! New press, photos from Birds of Prey, and calendar events!

I had to burn the midnight oil on this last-minute project because I wouldn’t have access to iWeb until January and the breaking calendar news was just too good to keep underwraps.  *A post on the exciting news is coming soon, or you can check the refreshed site if you just can’t wait.

LDI's Newest Profile Pic

To be honest, I am impressed that I completed these unexpected projects and managed to drop Leigh Anne off at the airport (Japan trip!), pack, create and update LilyDidIt’s FB profile picture, and pick up my favorite face cream from Dtox that I refuse to travel (for three weeks) without!  Today, I slept in.

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