My Mumbling Friends

I’m not a fan of the term mumblecore, but I am a fan of Eric Kutner and Alex Holdridge, both of whom are both featured in a nifty NY Times piece on the emerging genre.  Congrats, guys! If you are too lazy to read, at least check out the article for the engaging picture by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.  I was introduced to Mondino by a college boyfriend and since then I’ve often found inspiration for my own projects in his photos.  I definitely need to remember to ask Eric and Alex what it was like working with him. (Oh, alright. If you’re too lazy to read, you’re probably too lazy to click. I’ll just include the picture here.  Eric is sucking down red wine and Alex is reaching over the table to nab some grub.)

I’ve come to know Alex via my collaboration and friendship with Seth Caplan, producer of the 2008 mumblecore darling In Search of a Midnight Kiss, which Alex directed and wrote.  (Sorry, Seth. I know you hate it when ISMK is called mumblecore.)

Eric and I have been friends since Northwestern film school.  We were part of the legendary team behind DEVIL LOVE.  Oh, DEVIL LOVE!  DL was a class project and the result of an actually very cool assignment. The DL Team was me, Eric, Sarah Broshar and Leigh Anne Bowles (all people I’m still friends with and still work with).

The assignment required 7 specific visuals to appear in our video.  The film’s story, plot, themes had to work around these tentpole images, one of which I remember was ‘boiling water.’  We interpreted this requirement by shooting boiling water from overhead, casting it in red on the Avid, and dissolving in and out of the shot to infer the passage of time.  I don’t remember this approach being very successful but definitely being creative.

Bowles and I starred in the “film” because we didn’t shoot it until midnight the night before it was due.  Actors could not be found.  Our performances made it a really special project.  I played a mischevious devil outwitting and harassing Leigh Anne’s Jesus in a laundromat.  You’d think we could have come up with a better title than DEVIL LOVE with a premise like that.


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