AIV @ Birds of Prey This Weekend

The APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER trailer and an exclusive clip will be shown during Audi’s Birds of Prey World Cup Race Week in Beaver Creek/Vail Colorado! The BoP is the only men’s stop on the World Cup  circuit in the United States.  Race spectators, fans and athletes will catch the special AIV preview from the Finish Stadium on Friday, December 4 and Sunday, December 6, airing between races on the Super Combined and Giant Slalom race days.  It’s kinda like we’re the half-time show.

AND, Casey will do a Q&A after the Friday screening; the USSA is selling the DVD from their trailer on vendor row, and I and our editor Cindy T. will be there promoting the film. We’ll also be taking advantage of being glamorous documentary filmmakers treated to a free hotel room and ski passes.  Our first run of the ski season couldn’t be at a more meaningful event.

When I told my brother in early October that we might be showing APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER at Birds of Prey, I said it with it a big question mark not because of the uncertainty of the event but because I had no clue of what “Birds of Prey” was.  I was just repeating what my producer had put in my ear during the last weeks while we hurried to finish a cut of the film for interested TV people.  Birds of Prey” were words uttered while my brain was in the edit, which meant that because they were not related to cutting and making our deadline, I kept on thinking about editing while I nodded about the possibility of us going to some race for hawks.

Later when I relayed the news of the BoP opportunity, I was on a mini-trip home, clear-headed and happily eating mozzarella sticks with my parents and my brother at Denny’s after being picked up at the airport.  Not only did my brother freak out (he’s a former ski racer) but my parents kinda freaked too.  They knew of this mysterious “Birds of Prey,” and surprise, surprise, it’s kinda-sorta-totally a big deal.  It’s the most popular and most attended (100os of spectators) world cup race in the U.S.  It kicks off the season and is a mainline to Casey’s fans and Daron Rahlves fans (aka people interested in buying AIV for the holidays).  I love Birds of Prey!

This AIV + BoP synergy has happened because of the Vail Valley Foundation’s enthusiasm for our film.  We’re sprinting to the finish line after a marathon, so it’s been inspiring to already have the attention and excitement of our target audience.  Knowing people are really excited for this film even before it’s released has been an extra boost for me in the last weeks. Thanks, Jen and the rest of the Vail Valley Foundation!

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