I dusted off my crystal ball and am channeling predictions of the future for the month of December.  In other words, I’m writing LilyDidIt‘s horoscopes for the final month of 2009!

The ‘scopes have proven to be one of our most popular new features since superwoman intern, Talya, and I re-vamped the site this summer.  I suppose I could have predicted that.  (oooh. snap!)

We’ve rotated through funny, sharp, sassy astrologers” for the last few months; most recently we’ve enjoyed the soothsaying of Jessica Abel, a current Northwestern undergrad we recruited a few months ago– yeah, I favor my fellow wildcats.  However, Jessica’s terms is over, and I’m feeling particularly in tune with the stars.  With AIV on the downswing and my next writing project on the upswing, it’s like I’m hitting the gym again but in the world of writing and the ‘scopes are like a 15 minute abs class that eases you back into the game.

Perhaps my favorite forecast for my first week is for Pisces:

Your prayers came true last week: Robbie Williams wasat the top of the Euro Billboard charts for a 2nd week. This week continue to leverage your relationship with God and pray for starving children in Africa.

The rest of my horoscopes are posted on LilyDidIt as of… NOW.  See.  Yet another accurate prediction.

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