APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER is in the homestretch.  Is ‘homestretch’ one word? Ha. It’s a million words to me right now.

It’s Italians —  as in “will the Italians finally agree to our licensing agreement and ship us the Grindelwald race footage that is the climax of the movie by Friday because we need it by Monday to utilize the huge favor we got of a donated color correction?”

It’s release form — as in “can I still make my film the way I want but satisfy the concerns of a interviewee and secure a release form from this contributor?” Professionally, I know the film could exist without this contributor, but I don’t want it to. I respect the interviewee’s concerns.  Deeply.  The addition of this person brings a texture to the film that I adds to the humanity and truth to this intimate portrait of a world-class athlete.  I might run out of phone minutes this month because I’m listening to this interviewee. I might be the only one but that’s part of my job and I enjoy it.

It’s Pieter. Pieter’s our composer.  He came onboard only a few weeks ago and has been dishing out beautiful music but the clock is ticking and 3/4 of the compositions need to be done by Wednesday – and that’s including a round of notes. Pieter, Pieter, Pieter.

It’s races we’ve never seen.  Five new DVDs of races showed up on Saturday thanks to Tyler Shepherd. We’ve been trying to track down these 2007 Honda Ski Tour Races for months.  With no budget, we couldn’t pay for them to be dubbed from the archives house storing them. We were at the mercy of generous people willing to send DVDs without charge.  There were no people like that.  Luckily, in the last moments, I suggested we check with Tyler and the USSA ski coach saved the day.  Cindy (editor) and I drooled over the footage Saturday as we figured out a workflow to import it.  Instead of grocery shopping and writing all day, my head was gloriously spinning with awesome new action shots, the missing footage of Casey’s Squaw Valley 2007 crash, perfect soundbytes about SkiX as an Olympic sport, and much more.

It’s cue sheet. What Pieter doesn’t have time for we’ll lace with music Mo’s pulled and licensed.  Are we missing any tracks? I wonder if backup tracks we’ve prepared strong enough to use or is it better to leave the sections without music if it isn’t absolutely perfect. I have to listen again to tell but not until I get a little space from the soundtrack.  Do I have time to get space from it?  Does 8 hours of sleep count as space from it?

And all at the same time, the words LOSERS and SLOPPY FIRSTS pop into the chorus of this Homestretch anthem.  They want attention too like jealous siblings when the newborn arrives.  I juggle, and I prioritize, and there are many plates in the air, and I love it. This is making movies.  This is how you hope it’s going to be. I may be living off cheesecake Sarah left here on Saturday, but it’s worth it to be in the game and telling stories that if someone else was telling, I’d be jealous.

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