“140” Premieres

140_logo_FK“140” had a special preview screening this week at Hatchfest in Bozeman, MT.  I believe this has something to do with Frank (the organizer of the project) being married to a Bozeman-ian. (BTW – I was there when these two sweethearts met at Heartland Film Fest ’06!)

Frank edited 140 and is close to a final-final-final cut.  There’s murmurs of officially premiering in as innovative manner as we shoot — 140 screenings on the same day, possibly in late November.  From red carpet affairs to in fireside viewings in the coziness of our own homes.

Totally confused because you don’t remember wtf “140” is? I understand.  Here’s its crib sheet:

  • On June 21, 2009, 140 filmmakers in 140 different locations simultaneously shot 140 seconds of footage.
  • The objective: to demonstrate the connections between the filmmakers and the places they call home.
  • Inspired by the micro-blogging site Twitter.com (and its 140 character limit for its messages),
  • 140 is an experimental documentary that brings together the talents of these 140 filmmakers in 30 countries on 5 continents.
  • The range of filmmakers is diverse, ranging from students to seasoned industry professionals, from bare-bones indie filmmakers to successful Hollywood directors.
  • The unique footage that tells their stories has been assembled into a eature length (85 min)montage of poignant visual moments – the exact same moments captured all across our planet.

To keep up with the progress of “140,” check out Frank’s blog.

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  1. “140″ Trailer « Anna Christopher | News Says:

    […] By Anna Frank released a trailer for the “140” project.  My footage isn’t in the trailer. […]

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