Mt. Townsend’s Soundtrack

P1010541Kate and I did a 4 hour hike yesterday of Mt. Townsend in the Olympic Pennisula.  We drove and ferried for 1.5 hours to get there which gave me some of enough time for my 2.5 hour notes session with Leigh Anne on Draft 2 of LOSERS.  Multi-tasking!

The hike was a 6.5 miles roundtrip. Total booty blaster. At the top we lunched on a baguette, pb and guava jam, cheese and apples in the clouds.  Amazing how such a simple lunch is absolutely divine when you’re sweaty, exhausted and at the top of the world.  It looked like heaven (duh, check out my pics) and felt like it too.  Any ‘real life’ worries and anxieties I had at the base of the mountain seemed small and unthreatening at the summit.  But maybe that was just because I was frickin’ cold.


On the drive home, we drove through the forests that inspired TWILIGHT and listened to the first version of the LOSERS’ soundtrack (or is it a scriptrack?), created by matching music-to-story virtuoso Leigh Anne.  I’m already in love with two of the songs and will be laying tennis-shoe rubber to pavement to their beats in a matter of minutes. Listened to the selects one more time this AM and scribbled down and sent out my notes.


Now it’s a jog with Katie, Ballard Market, and finding a bar to wear my Bears t-shirt to and watch the game.  It’s too perfect to be in Seattle when we’re playing the stinkin’ Seahawks.  I can’t wait for someone to get in my grill about my shirt. GO BEARS!

For more pics…



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One Response to “Mt. Townsend’s Soundtrack”

  1. Briel Says:

    It looks so pretty there! I need to find me some pretty forest scenery. haha

    Something is wrong with your blog layout. It’s all spread out over the width of the page.

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