An Actual Post Production Team

I’m off editor duty!  Thanks to Patty West, a fellow AFI alum and my KD sorority sister, we’re working with a very talented editor (another AFI alum): Cindy Thoennessen.  Cindy viewed our lastest cut of APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER and visualized/verbalized changes that we could not for the next cut. Fresh insight from a smart, speedy, capable editor — Thank you movie gods!  Lucky for us, her schedule and interest matched ours, and we’ve been collaborating all week.  She’s been absolutley invaluable in shaping a “rough” cut to send to NBC Universal Sports at the end of this week.

Furthermore, we’ve secured a music supervisor too!  Mo Grosser has joined the small but tenacious AIV team.  Mo and I met at Northwestern in the R/TV/F program. When I was a senior, she hired me to direct the annual Niteskool music video.  The Niteksool video had one of the biggest budgets on campus and was always a showcase of some of the most creative storytelling.  As a freshman Wildcat, I decided that I wanted to direct the yearly video when I earned the position as a senior.  Mo made that aspiration a reality.  It’s a joy to reunite with her now as she is growing her music supervisor credits and already doing a hella good job pulling selects for us.  Go ‘cats!



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