Review: JULIE and JULIA

julie-julia-posterNo surprises here: Meryl Streep is great. Amy Adams always looks like she’s about to cry. The male characters are too saintly and perfectly funny-smart-accepting to be representations of any real human (let alone dudes married to these “hilariously” neurotic chicks).

Laughing happens but not as much as it happens in THE HANGOVER. A solidly Grade B rom-com until the final moments when a Freeze Frame closes the show. Ms. Ephron, you’ve been on thin ice with me since YOU’VE GOT MAIL, but this FF is just f’ing unforgivable.

And does anyone understand the poster for this film? Are the eggs representative of Julie and Julia? Who is the brown one? Why is there a brown one? Are they nuzzling? Why is the tagline yelling at me? And why did it take me a good 30 seconds to find the actual title for the film? At first, I thought this was the cover of a cookbook for infertile couples written by Streep and Adams. Passion. Ambition. Butter!

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2 Responses to “Review: JULIE and JULIA”

  1. Dana Wilson Says:

    Amy Adams does look like she’s about to cry at any moment.

  2. Vivian Maier « Anna Christopher | News Says:

    […] (Julie Powell) attempts every recipe in Julia’s Child’s cookbook. (read my review of it here) The two women never meet but they are tied to one another in a nebulous but affecting way. Very […]

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