The Skunks and I Are Busy

I feel both drained and on the brink of something great.  The drained side of my feelings is the depressing spawn of working alone most days (usually Bowles is in the house working too but she’s on sabbaticle at a lake in Georgia) and working too hard most days.

I have no choice: the To-Do’s seemed endless. The iCal a dasteredly rainbow of action items that include phone meetings with producer as well as showering. Both are important.  I had a mini-meltdown that  culminated in a rant to my mom in which I named every single thing that I was ‘sick of.’  I was equally passionately fed-up with the front yard being dug up by skunks as I was with designing the graphics for the APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER website.  I’m not a gardener and I’m not a graphic designer. But I’m a director. Which means I need to be able to do both those things… and do ’em well if I want to be happy (which a front yard that doesn’t look like WWII minefield makes me) and employed (which a good website could help make me).

What is filling my iCal? Why haven’t I been blogging? What exciting and wonderous things are driving my rants (besides evil skunks)?  Besides some personal life blah-blah-blahs, I’ve been working on three big things that aren’t even the BIG thing I referenced in ‘On the Horizon‘ and a bunch of small things that I couldn’t resist.

Big Things:

  1. Designing the APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER.COM and YouTube channel. I lovedAIV the idea of including video bits on each ‘cast’ member, so I edited these pieces together.  To broadcast them on the site, I needed to post the videos on YouTube which meant a chunk of time making that channel look like an offshoot of the site.
  2. Assembly cut of APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER. By me. We are still securing our fundraising, and I’m getting really sick of that sentence.  Because we don’t have all the dough, we can’t hire an editor. Because we can’t hire an editor, our post-production and delivery timeline is threatened.  Here I come!  With a mouse and crazy knowledge of the film!  Watch my editor-director brains merge! How exciting?  How terrifying. I already am having trouble preserving my directorial POV which will be absolutely necessary in a project like this that may need some creative re-thinks, re-structures, re-approaches.  It’s hard to have that big of a vision when I’m so IN it as a non-professional cutter.
  3. has a whole new look that’s complete with new sections of reviews, photos, and columns (Lily Does (Online) Dating – check it out.  It’s real cute), a new About Us page, revised meta-tags and descriptions (research, writing and rewriting!), Horoscopes by the talented Niki Schwartz-Wright, and even a forthcoming ‘LDI explained’ video that I shot this week.  We have a slew of up-and-coming writers and college students providing the new, funny, interesting, strung-together-to-make-sentences words.

Due to financial issues, I’m doing the majority of the designing of the new look and graphics elements. At the same time, we are managing the new writers and also becoming more of a presence on Twitter and Facebook thanks to HootSuite.  All of this would be impossible without the incredible organization, creativity and execution of Talya, my summer intern for LDI.  She communicates clearly and follows through with precision.  I’m lucky.

Small things:

  1. A wedding video for my friend Kara. I filmed the ceremony, speeches, and dances with two cameras (my date expertly worked the second camera).  Brilliant idea! I’m going to cut together a little highlights reel to “Tiny Dancer” and send it to the new couple while they are honeymooning.  Won’t they like that?  Yes!  Is that the best use of my time? No.
  2. Heartland Film Festival jury member. This job means judging tons (over 40 hours) of short films. I slide them in before an episode of TRUEBLOOD or during my lunch but I’m getting behind. So far two have made me cry. One gave me some great ideas for onscreen text in APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER. And three were so poorly told and/or just self-indulgent and stupid —- I’m sorry; “stupid” is harsh and I rarely use such a nondescript word but it is truly the only word I can conjure for these special films that actually caused me to incredulously say outloud the screen “Are you kidding me?”
  3. My car’s sway bar is f’ed up. Dragging, thumping, scary noises began on Friday. She’s in the shop now. As if in a dream world, my dad has suggested I think about trading in my car for a convertible. Say what? What! Me and a convertible. This idea has taken up time because it causes fantasies and intern car searching.
  4. My taxi business. I’ve driven to LAX five times in the last week because I’m just a “sweetheart” that never says no to her friends.  Hey, they’re the ones that are going to take me out for Happy Hour when I get through all these projects.

One Response to “The Skunks and I Are Busy”

  1. Briel Says:

    Don’t your friends know that Burbank Airport is more convenient? haha

    I applaud you for working so hard and look forward to the moment when you have time for a breather and a night out! 🙂

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