Why Am I So Tired?

Because this weekend was endless :

Saturday, 7:30 AM – Walk up and down the Silverlake Hills to retrieve my car on Rowena where LAB and I wisely left it (and hers) on Friday night

8:10 AM – Discover we both have parking tickets. If we’d arrived 10 minutes earlier, we’d both be $40 richer.

8:30 – 9:30 AM – Pretend to pay bills. But really doze.

9:30 – 10:30 AM – Sarah and LAB come over to throw punches and kicks with Tony Horton in our P90x Kenpo workout. Instead, we contemplate brunch and Bloody Marys and how much the workout is going to suck.

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM – Throw punches and kicks. Front, back and side. Sweat.

11:30-11:45 – Shower. Be grateful that the plumbers finally came on Tuesday. Hot water is an often forgotten luxury.

12 noon – Lunch with Anna Campbell. Have an awesome time. Talented actress and producer. Her husband is doing a big doc right now, might have some good fundraising contacts/ideas for the Casey project. Hear about her horror movie.  Suggest she check out REPULSION.  She references THE TELEPHONE, which I haven’t seen and will now borrow from her. Am reminded of how much I like Anna and not just because she has a good first name.

2:oo PM – LAB drives Sarah and I to Dana’s for birthday party planning meeting. Sarah backseat drives. A stop at Gelson’s provokes a heated discussion about Lime Tostitos vs. Regular which continues thorughout the day.

2:40PM – Park. I know this because I set an alarm on my new iPod Touch for LAB to know when we need to move the car. I choose the “Bell Tower” sound effect because it will be dramatic.

3 – 5PM – Discuss birthday party, pick a new date, discuss pizza toppings, realize that Dana, Sarah and I like pineapple – how did we not know this!, go in the pool, order pizza and discover pizza place does not have pineapple, change our order from mushrooms to pineapple, brainstorm photo ideas for the photo cake, riff on video ideas, eat pizza, decide on video idea: The Newlyweds’ Game, make a list of questions for the video interviews, crack each other up, realize we should shoot the video today, rally the troops, get in the car, drive back to silverlake.

5:30PM – Stop at Pete’s where LAB is staying so she can change clothes for the interview and the night out. Read LA Magazine’s ‘Cheap Eats’ article while she gets ready.

5:50 PM – Drop Sarah off to change clothes before the taping.

6:00PM – Set up tripod and camera. Start filming Sarah answering questions.  Then everyone else. Work on website with Sarah when not being filmed. Start feeling tired. Dana arrives on her walker (because of her broken knee) and with Sara to help her manage.

7:20 PM – Discuss champagnes for tomorrow’s brunch with Laurel on the phone.  She’s gonna get a pink one. It’s officially summer.

8:00 PM – Wrap up the equipment and say goodbyes.

8:30 PM – Get ready for dinner out with Isaac, his girlfriend, and LAB at Dolce. Half-priced food because they are closing on Monday. Glad we got one of the last reservations, but is going to a place that’s closing a good idea? Is kitchen really going to be giving it their all?

8:55 PM – Decide to wear the black dress with Sam Edelman heels because we’re going to be sitting mostly and the heels are too tall for going out on nights when there is walking and dancing, but the shoes are too smoking to leave in the closet much longer. Tonight’s a good night.

9:10 PM – Drive.  LAB and I discuss filming the video.  It was much harder than we thought it would be but sounds like LAB gave some super funny answers.

9:40 PM – Arrive. Valet. Tell Isaac and Abbe that I’m feeling a little zoned out and tired. They feel the same. Nice. We’re all chilling and it’s a good match of moods.

10:00 PM – After only getting one drink order in a at a time, we order food. Yum. I really like Isaac’s glasses and Abbe’s personality.

11:30 PM – Back in the car. Too tired to go downtown to hit up a friend’s bday party. Want to sleep and sleeping at Bday parties is no good.  And must wake up early to do work (read a friend’s script and give notes; email LilyDidIt intern with this week’s action items and followup on progress from last week) before 10AM brunch at Laurel’s with all the ladies followed by TRANSFORMERS on Paramount Lot for free (yes!) with Laurel  followed by re-organizing all four of my external harddrives to create space for Casey Puckett project because the Assistant Editors start on Monday which also means setting up the edit room for them and, ideally, digitizing and organizing all the footage we shot today for the birthday party videos before they get here.  And TRUEBLOOD is on at 9.

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One Response to “Why Am I So Tired?”

  1. Briel Says:

    Jesus woman. You sure know how to have a busy day!

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