New Member of the Family


Welcome to Anna Christopher headquarters shiny, new iMac!  Aren’t you pretty and so useful. For heaven’s sake, take off your sunglasses!  I purchased 3 years of Apple Care. You’re big ol’ 24 inch face isn’t going anywhere, Mister!

Who was that nice girl that helped carry you in? That’s Talya; she’s the APPOINTMENT IN VANCOUVER intern.  She researched you and assisted in picking you out yesterday. Thanks Tayla!

Meet your older sibling: PowerBook G4 laptop.  She’s a little cranky because she’s five years old. She’s still sharp but prefers to keep her activities to Word Processing or (brilliant) screenwriting. She’s been complaining of shortness of battery life, so we’re visiting Dr. Genius Bar next week.  My friends have warned me that bringing a new computer into the home can create jealousy in the first computer.  I believe friendliness and respect will do you wonders with Powerbook and, hopefully, we can avoid the green-eyed monster.

Here’s your room! It’s the guest room and, therefore, is usually clean and quiet with a great view — the perfect place for you and I to get to know each other better over exciting edit sessions. Get ready to meet Casey Pucket, LilyDidIt and 140 Project and many more unforgettable friends.

Alright, I’ll let you get freshened up.  There is a fresh power outlet behind the desk and plenty of internet access in the pantry!


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3 Responses to “New Member of the Family”

  1. sarah Says:

    yay! what’s its name?

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