The Horse Movie

If you know me, you know that I love horses.  But not in that geeky, I-had-no-friends-in-middle-school-except-for-a-broke-down-quarter-horse-at-the-local-creep-styles-barn.  I had/have many non-equine friends, though I’ll admit sometimes horses are easier to communicate with than humans.

Before I went to Northwestern, I rode almost every day. Now I ride once a week at TES in the Burbank Equestrian Center (which is where Delaware (a grey mare) bit my arm last week giving me the gorgeous bruise pictured here with Hawaii’s nose).


I can’t wait for the day when I can own a horse again. If I didn’t love making films, I would working in the horse world. It’s the only thing that rivals the interest and passion I have for filmmaking.

So, of course, you can guess that I MUST MAKE A HORSE MOVIE one day. I believe that the teenage girl, coming-of-age story is a genre ready for re-invention and re-birth. This is my first mission. Down the line, I feel it’s required of me to give back to the equestrian community. It’s on my insider shoulders to dust off the Horse Movie genre, a genre that was born dusty and cheesey, and direct the movie we (horse lovers) never got.

We want a fun, stylish, action-packed, horse-biting-arms, crazy good movie that non-horse lovers will dig. Just because we like four-legged mammals doesn’t mean we can stand watching crap.l No thank you to the lame, sappy morals about teamwork and animal-human bonding. BOR-RING!

Currently, the only Horse Movies that deliver are Seabiscuit and a cartoon about unicorns.  Let’s unpack these two specimens. Seabiscuit is about horse racing. Bam! It’s already easier because the general public knows something about gambling on horses. However, the horse world is much bigger than the race track. You don’t need a track to tell an amazing horse story.  And The Last Unicorn… really? Unicorns?! Not even a real animal. The equestrian in me is cringing. Trust me, I can do better. With my insider scoop, a bag of carrots, and my movie know-how, it’ll be a slam dunk. Just wait.

One Response to “The Horse Movie”

  1. Briel Says:

    Ooh yay a horse movie! I love it.

    What about Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken? 🙂

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