Jury Member for Heartland Film Festival

I’m a Crystal Heart Award jury member for this year’s Heartland Film Festival!

A few years ago, my film Queen of Cactus Cove screened at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis (see pics below).  I loved this fest because they treat their filmmakers like stars, generate major media exposure (I did a TV and radio interview while there!) and throw a black-tie awards gala with 2500 guests at which I accepted a gorgeous award for Queen from Judy Stewart (James Stewart’s daughter) in front of the huge crowd and on two jumbotrons.  Just thinking about it makes me nervous all over again.  

Heartland stands out in my mind as one of the few fests that spawned  lasting, wonderful friendships.  It was there that I bonded with Frank Kelly.  Our films played in the same HFF program!  Now Frank is spearheading the 140 project which I’m participating in later this month.  It’s also because of Heartland that I met the hilarious guys behind A Man Named Pearl and my favorite tea connoisseur Joel Nassan.

Tonight I’m having dinner with the other LA jury members and Jeff Sparks, the director of the Heartland Film Festival who invited me to join the jury.  Heartland hugs are required.

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One Response to “Jury Member for Heartland Film Festival”

  1. Briel Says:

    You are quite the busy bee! Congrats on being a juror. Sounds like a fun festival!

    The 140 documentary looks interesting. Are you on twitter?

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