“The Bachelorette” Fantasy League: Week 2

My mom and I

My Mom and me

This week’s episode of the Bachelorette, I’m ranked 8th out of 11 in our fantasy league.  Arrgh! Will I be able to catch up in time?  My biggest competition is MY MOM.  The original blonde of the family is currently number 1 in the league with 134 points – an enviable nine points ahead of the next team.   While tallying points with the Commissioner,* I explained the standings and my mom’s excellent gameplay with “My mom knows love.”  

Initially, I meant this as a cheeky way to crack us up and relieve the tension created by bachelor David and his Mel Gibson crazy eyes/agro tendencies.  (Jillian, no roses for dudes on the brink!)  But my mom’s expertise on love is unquestionable.  That’s why she’s always my first reader.

I went to AFI where sensitivity to critique was beaten out of us FAST and with a broom handle.  In weekly Narrative Analyses, we would sit silently in front of the whole school (and then later the members of our specified disciplines) and absorb our colleague’s feedback. All of it – the positive, the negative, the crazy.  To survive, you needed a thick skin, an open ear and the mentality of “nothing’s personal.”

That said, I wouldn’t be able to take that kind of critique on the first draft of something.  No. Way.  The stuff is so freshly sprung and still so intimately connected to me — like I’ve been having a secret romance with it.  It’d be hard to face a professional colleague, let alone an audience, at that stage of the game.  Plus, I’ll admit that I’m human and often cranky and tired after finishing the first draft.  

A zillion rewrites loom and a bathtub of notes are inevitable.  But first. In that vulnerable state.  It’s Mom’s feedback I crave.   Not because she’s an easy critic, blinded by affection for her offspring (I wish!), but because I know she can see the heart of the material and assess that.  Just like she can see my core.  

She knows me – past, present and future in only the way my mom can.  She brings that valuable perspective to the newborn material, giving it a chance that I wouldn’t dream to expect from anyone else.   Heck, I’ve only got one mom.  And, she’s kicking my ass at Bachelorette Fantasy League.

* I am Vice-Commissioner and have thus agreed to see the game through to the end should our Commissioner be rendered incapable of her duties.

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