Wed to Friday in Mammoth

I’m packed and ready to go in the physical sense.  I’m not sure if I’m totally mentally ready.  It’s been an extremely busy week.  Between prepping for this week’s shoot and reviewing, polishing, re-writing, re-polishing a treatment and approach for another project, I’ve been staying up late, getting up early, and earning the writer hypenate.

Luckily, Leigh Anne has been an amazing pseudo-roommate.  She cooked a perfect turkey spaghetti sauce that we’ve been living off of for days and  made sure I didn’t miss the best moments (foot fetish guy and Michael the break dancer) from the 2 hour Bachellorette premiere.  She even brainstormed famous celebrity trainwrecks for a joke I was writing.  Her support, encouragement and willingness to make Pink Berry runs are priceless.

 Tomorrow I start on a whirlwind shoot.  At 7AM,  Jason Oldak, Seth Caplan and I hit the road for Mammoth.  We’re spending 2.5 days in Mammoth following Casey Puckett at the U.S. Ski team Olympic training camp.  The proposed schedule:

7am – 12: Drive to Mammoth; have a conference call with Clayton Brown, a T.A. from my days at NU who now is a full professor. I want to talk to him about intern candidates for “Appointment in Vancouver.”  

12-1pm:  If we make it in time, we’ll catch Tyler Shepherd, Ski Cross Head Coach, assembling the start gate on the mountain.  I’d love to interview Tyler while he’s building the rig.  It’d be more interesting to look at than a plain sit-down interview and, like when giving actors business, talking to someone while they are doing something usually produces more organic, honest responses.

1-4pm:  Sit down interview with Casey or Tyler depending on who is available when.  I really want to ask Casey about what happened at Grindelwald.  I need to question him more directly about his retirement years and the way this last season ended.  I also want to discuss Daron Rahlves with him, especially now that we have interviewed Daron about Casey.

4-6:  Sit down interview with whichever guy we didn’t interview yet.  Among other things, I want to ask Tyler about Skier Cross’ origins, Olympic qualification process, and the emotional/mental demands on Olympic athletes

6-?:  Follow Casey doing whatever Casey is doing.  There’s been talk of bowling.  I’m hoping dancing is also in the cards.  We got a great sound-byte from Daron about Casey’s talents on the dance floor.  It’d be fantastic to get visuals on the comment.

Thursday we go on the mountain with Casey, Tyler, and the U.S. Alpine Race team.  I’m most excited about continuing my interview with Casey on a chairlift (how cool will that look?), filming Casey’s starts at the gate, and letting Jason loose on the mountain to get beauty shots of skiers, the environment, and ‘ski culture’  —  like how The Hills captures ‘LA culture.’

Wish us luck!

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