An Old Flame

Me (strangely working a pink scarf), Regina (onscreen as 'Magda') and Sarah only needed one day to cut all six videos. Thanks Dominique for letting us edit at your place!Sarah Broshar and I got to edit together today!  She jumped on the They Say In Los Angeles project because a) it’s cool b) she’s on hiatus from her job for a month.  Score. For. Me and Regina (co-creator of the idea and genius improver starring in ALL six of the videos)!  We got the Brosh for today, and in 9 hours we cut all six of the videos together.

And they are good.  Really good.

Again, I’m so impressed with us accomplishing such high quality work with such low levels of stress, money and time.  Is this possible?  We’re figuring out the release forum and timeline so stay tuned.
Sarah and I have known each other long enough that I've known her with her hair that short and she's known me to wear that sweater.
Today I realized that I’ve worked more with Sarah than anyone else.  It started when we teamed up sophomore year at Northwestern for a class.  We had a third partner, but he was a deadbeat who always wore dark t-shirts.  He slept through our entire overnight edit session of SOLE TO BOWL, our doc on bowling shoes.  We had a blast and made a damn fine documentary.  That kind of collaboration is a foundation (and that we’re such good friends)that makes for a priceless director-editor relationship.


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