Bathrooms and Skylines

This Sunday, we’re shooting They Say In Los Angeles guerilla-style, which means we’re shooting when and where we want and without permission and planning on not getting busted.  It’s gonna be about improvising and thinking on our feet.  It’s not gonna be about bananas and King Kong.

I’m still seeking two locations.  Maybe you have some suggestions for:

  1. A super sexy, trendy, club/bar bathroom that might as well be its own destination.  It’s from the future or the way hip present.  It has some fascinating gimmick — almost transparent stall doors, NASA Shuttle lighting, a giant communal sink.  Whatever the case it’s memorable and stylish.  
  2. A view of the LA skyline ideally to be framed with a bit of highway and reminiscent of shots in the opening sequence of Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

Did a place pop into your mind?  Let me know.

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