PrePro on ‘They Say in Los Angeles’

About a year ago, my friends and I had our annual Girls’ Night.  An evening of pub-crawling, pizza eating, dancing, drinking, letting loose.  Girls only.  Early on in the night, I filmed the first They Say in Los Angeles by accident.  Let me explain.

This evening was coming on the heels of editing the 30 minute version of The Kitty Landers Show, which meant that Regina Taufen and I were spending a lot of time together.  She’s the star of the show and a writer/producer so even when she wasn’t literally in the edit room, she was on my mind.  Somewhere in the end-of-a-project-and-we’re-exhausted-giggles haze, we found what has turned into one of our favorite ongoing jokes… and now our latest project together:  They Say in Los Angeles (aka TSILA).*

In the midst of the Girls’ Night revealry, I asked Regina to perform a TSILA. Luckily I had my camera-video rolling and BAM!  The first TSILA existed. 

A few months later we were still cracking each other up with TSILAs.

A few months after that we realized the potential for TSILA as funny, web-friendly, travelogue-esque nuggets.  

And BAM!  We were developing this itsy-bitsy, totally fun project.  We’re doing it our way.  On our own time. With our own equipment.  Without permits (don’t tell!)  As our own crew and talent.  And we’re gonna have a blast.  We shoot all over LA on Sunday, April 26.

We’ll be launching the TSILA videos and blog soon after.  Will keep you posted!  

*I’ll save you from a boring, written explanation of what exactly the joke is because:

a) you’ll experience a TSILA in a few weeks

b) nothing kills a joke like describing it in a blog.  It’s instantaneous death by guillotine, injection and execution all in one whereas if you describe the joke in an email, it’s only the latter two.

Regina and I discussed TSILA while shopping our brains out at Camarillo Outlet mall.  I. Love. A. Deal.

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2 Responses to “PrePro on ‘They Say in Los Angeles’”

  1. sarah Says:

    yay! can’t wait!

  2. Briel Says:

    Now I’m curious!

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