Senorita Necesita La Playa

I leave for Mexico in 4 hours.  

I. Can’t. Wait.  

Going to sit by the pool (or beach — depending on my mood, of course) with one of my oldest friends and drink strong drinks, wear lots of sunscreen and read the rest of the Twilight series.  I devoured the first two and promised myself not to dive into Eclipse and Breaking Dawn until real-life wouldn’t get in the way of complete devotion.  I’m serious.  Taking breaks for meals was slightly annoying when I was reading Twilight.

But I can’t lie to you… I also have a few scripts with me to read pre- and post- Twilighting.

I’ll be back late on the 15th.

One Response to “Senorita Necesita La Playa”

  1. Briel Says:

    Twilight! Man, those books are like an epidemic! Everywhere I go people are talking about them. I was just talking to a friend about them tonight. Crazy. Enjoy me-hee-co and the books! 😉

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