Snowside Work Day

Me summoning the powder Gods.

After a few days of world-class skiing with amazing friends, family  (my ski racer bro joined us… and humbled us in his snow drift), and my new helmet, I’m spending my last 12 hours in Snowbird working in the lobby’s big comfy leather couches, looking out over the mountain as another storm drops buckets of snow on the pine trees.


The Hardest Working People in Hollywood (in Snowbird)

During the trip, Seth and I spent many chairlift rides together.  Being the efficient filmmakers that we are, we used those trapped 8-12 minute together to have ‘chairlift meetings’ about Appointment in Vancouver.  We’ve had some interest from sales and distribution companies so we had plenty to discuss in route to black diamonds and 22 inches of powder.  (not kidding; we got dumped on!)  Does this mean I can write off the vacation?  Seth and I worked so hard we had to nap at lunch.

On today’s agenda:

  1. Restructure Casey Puckett Outline driven by a ‘pre’ Olympics release timeline.
  2. Continue with my feature’s Step Outline.  Goal:  Finish the first act. I’m 3 scenes away.
  3. Pack (* don’t forget new helmet).
  4. Review producer-prepped budgets for LilyDidIt, LLC bid on a viral campaign for a Chicago-based company.
  5. Hit the outdoor HOT TUB before I jet off this mountain.

Protected on and off the slopes

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