Casey’s 4th in the World

After a March 14th race, Casey Puckett, the subject of my documentary Appointment in Vancouver*, is ranked 4th in Skier Cross’ World Cup standings. The good news:  He’s the highest ranking American skier, meaning he’s the brightest star on next year’s U.S. Ski Cross team.  The other news:  He still needs to keep skiing fast.  From his blog:

Now the U.S. Ski Cross team is back down to 1. I’m going to La Plagne, France for the World Cup finals. I’m currently tied for 4th with Andreas Matt in the overall standings. The battle for first is between Thomas Kraus and Chris DelBosco. I have no shot at it now. If I win I could overtake 3rd over Lars Lewen. If I don’t win I could still get to 4th on my own and hold that position. There are a lot of guys not too far behind me so I still have to fight for everything I can get.

Meanwhile back here, Seth and I had a productive meeting today about finishing funds leads for Appointment in Vancouver‘s and on a possible shift in our approach to the whole project.  I’m digging the adjustment we may make in the focus and timeline of the doc’s narrative.  To help us feel out whether we want to commit to the new vision, I’m writing a two to three page treatment… with this ‘shift’ in story in mind.  My goal is to finish it before Friday when I fly out to Snowbird, Utah for some inspiring skiing of my own and some chairlift meetings with Seth (yep, he’s coming with!)

The new idea is commercially interesting to me because it opens up the window in which this film can be profitable.  The film’s value isn’t determined by Casey medaling or not. It’s a new point of view on Casey’s journey… a POV that results completing the film within the year, which is would be exciting and a relief — exciting because I hadn’t even thought of it in that way… that another film I’m proud of will have my name on it and be “out there” sooner than later.  A relief in that the investments Seth and I (and Curtis our editor!) have made in terms of time, heart, brains, and faith wouldn’t be wasted.  

*AIV is our doc about four time Olympian Casey Puckett; check out the sales reel on my site

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