Full Custody of LilyDidIt

Laurel Felt and I co-created LilyDidIt.com, but now I am the sole owner of the site.

Laurel and I had a blast developing, executing and promoting the idea for LilyDidIt.com, the first video e-card website made specifically for hip, 20-something, internet-savvy women.  We did it all together and always had fun – which is a mysterious and rare thing out here.  I think we were such a successful union because we respect each other so much.  

Laurel and I on our last LilyDidIt shoot together.Because of that respect, we took real life into accounts when we looked at LDI’s future.  Laurel’s finally out in LA (yay!) but is concentrating on a little thing called: GETTING HER PHD.  She’s a tad busy adjusting to a new land, a new life and a new adventure (that has a lot of homework).  Together we decided that the best thing for her, me and Lily was for me to take 100% control and ownership of the site and LLC. That being said, whenever (or if ever) Laurel’s ready to come back – Lily and I will be ready and waiting.

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