Trojan Condom Virals Posted

 The “Evolve One, Evolve All” Trojan virals I directed (Seth Caplan produced) have been posted on Trojan’s site!  The videos include Miss Geist from Clueless (aka Twink Caplan) giving sex toy advice (“The New Talk”), a gas station romance sparked by condoms (“Convenient Store”), real life college kids getting candid about condoms (“One Word”) and the rubberization of national monuments (“National Security”).  

For every comment or rating on a video, Trojan donates a condom to people who want to protect themselves against STDs.  You can find the virals I directed on my site or in the artist showcase area at Evolve One, Evolve All.

My favorite of all four is “National Security” because it’s PSA style and unlike anything I’ve made before in that it’s graphics inspired and completely animated.  I’ve included it here so all your lazy people who don’t want to click anywhere don’t have to raise a finger.

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