HallowThankHoliNewYear’s Day

Today I celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holidays and New Year’s in twelve hours with the LilyDidIt cast and crew!  We put 13 new video eCards in the can and are all set for the next four months at LilyDidIt.  

We had some new faces on the crew – Gabe, Gary, my Mom, Allie – plus the usual team that we love working with on set.  Like all LDI shoots, we laughed so hard during production as well as worked so fast that that day flew.  Let me say THANK YOU to our amazing cast and fantastic crew who made such a successful day possible.

My favorite two parts of the shoot were:

  1. Being unable to contain my own riots of laughter while Milissa (aka Lily) performed “Turkey Talk.”  I ruined at least two takes.  Not professional but super fun.
  2. The crew participating in an impromptu photo shoot in front of the blazing fire.  Everyone had to wear our NYE Hat-Prop and strike a pose.  

I’ll be editing this round of vids solo on Dominique’s editing system, which is just a great excuse for chillin’ at her beautiful house and taking breaks to watch The Hills with her.


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